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Design and assembly of control panels for refrigeration systems

“Engineers Group” offers services in the field of design and assembly of control panels for refrigeration systems. Our approach combines innovative control technology, custom design and quality workmanship. This allows you to create efficient and reliable control systems for any refrigeration installation.

A control panel (panel) for a refrigeration system is a device equipped with all the necessary equipment and devices for automatic adjustment and protection of key parameters of the power supply of the refrigeration unit. This is achieved using a specially developed operating algorithm and control elements such as controllers and relays.


Our key advantages

  • Customized design
    Each control panel is designed to meet the specifics and requirements of a specific refrigeration system, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.
  • Integration of modern technologies
    We use the latest developments in automation and control to create intelligent and intuitive control panels.
  • High quality components
    The use of proven components from leading manufacturers guarantees the reliability and durability of our products.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Our solutions can be tailored to suit any size and type of refrigeration system, from small commercial installations to large industrial complexes.
  • Full system integration
    We ensure full compatibility of control panels with existing refrigeration systems and equipment.


Areas of use

  • Industrial refrigeration complexes
  • Commercial refrigeration installations including supermarkets and warehouses
  • Specialized refrigeration systems for the food industry and logistics


Why “Engineers Group”?

  • We have in-depth knowledge of refrigeration technology and automation
  • Our team consists of experienced engineers and technical specialists
  • We constantly monitor innovations in the industry to offer our customers the most advanced solutions


At Engineers Group we strive to ensure that our control panels provide maximum efficiency, ease of use and reliability.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create the optimal control system for your refrigeration equipment.

Looking for refrigeration solutions for commercial and industrial applications?

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